Saturday, March 19, 2011

Virutal Assistants Training Philippines Started Today

Virtual Assistants Training Philippines has just started today and we have 9 participants to the group. The training was headed by Kristina Godinez and me. We used gotomeeting this time since our SEO VA training introduction course was not that good because we used Skype group call for the audio and  mikogo for the screensharing of the training. It was a success today for the first batch.

The virtual assitants training started by 12 noon and finished by 2 pm. The training is scheduled every Saturday up until April 30, 2011.

Here are the topics that we discussed today for the first session of virtual assistant training:

1. What is SEO. Definition.
2. What SEO is not.
3. Understanding why SEO is important.
4. Basic Keyword Research.
5. Tools you can use for keyword research for free.
6. Keyword Efficiency Index Keyword Analysis.
7. Search Engine Behaviors.
8. Basic Onpage Optimization.
9. SEO writing and website themeing.
10. Ranking Challenge started!

The goal of the Virtual Assitant Training Philippines is to produce more SEO virtual assitants practitioners here in the Philippines. Another goal is to help fellows to  get online jobs and have a stable income.

If there are people who are interested to join the second batch, you can join our Virtual Assitant Training Philippines here:

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